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Here is my archive of some works since 2009:

REEL 2014

Here's a brief recap of the videos I've worked on lately, I hope you like it! :)
Music - sfx: Flat 25 Studio (

XMAS 2013 - Greetings Card

I had a lot of fun creating this Xmas greetings card with a metal twist. m/


This is Decathlon Italy animation for xmas 2013 offers and discounts.
Design, modelling, animation, post: Elia Gardella
Modelling: Nicola Pireddu
Audio: Filippo Quaglia

SKY: Confederations Cup Promo

This the Confederations Cup Promo i did this year @ SKY, Milan.
I started from the pre-productions storyboarding and styles, then i did 3D graphics, animations and final compositing.

...sorry I don’t have a full res version...:(

Mediaset "Quarto Grado" - promo

I did design, 3D modelling, animation and post.
Made @ Creativee, Milan.

Logo animation

This is my first animation all done with traditional techniques on one's/ two's.
I also enjoyed recording sounds in the park with the help of my girlfriend...:)
I like so much this handmade drawings pipeline! hope you like it.

The logo animation is for my friends association for Giardini Baltimora in Genoa.

Graphic packages for Comedy Central Italy tv shows "Metropolis" and "Palco":
I did graphics and animation

Made @ Bonsaininja, Milan.

"Metropolis" opening sequence:

"Palco doppio Palco" opening sequence:

Reel 2012

This time I wanted to do something different for my reel:
not only a collection of projects, but a short teaser/letters animation,
to experiment and to create something new.

Xmas 2012

This is my 2012 greetings card...:P

Elena Martinelli Unique Jewellery

This is the "part 1" of a teaser I did for Elena Martinelli jewellery work.
I did concept, shooting, modeling and animation 3D and compositing.
All jewels designs are by Elena Martinelli.
Logo design from Marinella Michelini.

Made @ Horsechicken factory, Genova.

Ansaldo Thomassen corporate, Holland. (2011)

I did graphics, matchmoving and compositing.

Made @ No Noise, Sarzana.


This is a mix of ten animations, introducing montages of Moschino's catwalks from years 80 to 2011.
I did design and animation.

Made @ Creativee, Milan.

Studio Universal - Timeline

Here is some images from this serie of 34 "Timeline" episodes I made for NBC Studio Universal channel.

Made @Frame by Frame, Rome.

Linea 2

Graphic package for Mediaset "Linea 2".
I did design, editing, animation and shot some of the underground images.
Logo design: Creativee.

Made @ Creativee, Milan.

Honda IQ Vision

Teaser film for Edisoftware Company.
Vfx, compositing, color: Elia Gardella.
Concept, shooting, editing, audio: Moviebox

Made @ Moviebox, Genova.

Panic Tour

Promo/Call to action project for musical contest "Panic Tour".
I did graphics, characters design and animation.

Made @Monkey Talkie, Milan.

Doze Quinze

Teaser for a chair designed by Francesco Sillitti.
This won the Concept Design Brit Award 2012.

Made @ Horsechicken factory, Genova.

Exposed @ Salone del Mobile, Milano 2012

Polinform Investigazioni

This is a web teaser for Polinform Investigazioni.
Made @ Moviebox.

I did all graphics and animation.

BMW Oracle

Introduction to America's Cup for BMW Oracle.
Made with Alberto Accettulli and Lorenzo Ugo.

Acquario di Livorno

This is a commercial for Livorno's acquarium, Italy.
I did all graphics and animation.

Acquario di Genova

This is a commercial for Genoa's acquarium, Italy.
I did all graphics and animation.
My very first motion graphics project, made in After Effects and 3D Studio Max...:P